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Sea Dragon Dubbing
This is a blend of different size legs in different lengths for medium to large flies.  Ideal for dubbing brushes, hackling for Woolly Bugger styles, stacking as in Matukas, Zonker, in Sculpin heads and etc.

Innovative dubbings and dubbing additives that make your fly patterns come Alive. These unique dubbings and tying materials to make your own "Living" dubbings will enhance old and new fly patterns.

Some of the most effective patterns are very simple and easy to tie and with these dubbings that is all you need for many productive fly patterns.

Make that Prince Nymph come alive or that Woolly Bugger with more movement to entice finicky fish. Saltwater, Freshwater, large or small... has what it takes!

Sea Dragon Dubbing!

Sea Dragon Fly - Sea Dragon Dubbing - Fly Tying Dubbing


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